First blog post

This is my blog of my writing process creating the Amy Johnson Song Cycle.

A month into the project and it’s not without it’s pitfalls. My house was burgled over the weekend and one of the things stolen was my laptop with all my project research notes and lyrics to five of the songs. But Amy wouldn’t have let a thing like that stop her, and neither would I. My new mantra, in times of difficulties is: ‘What would Amy do/think/say?’

So, before any more disasters and setbacks befall me I shall document the work online as I do it. I’m not normally keen on letting anything out into the world until it is honed and refined, but this blog will be full of my scribblings and ideas, and once the spit and polish has taken place, I shall make sure you can tell the difference.

First notes – this is a sketch for a song – ‘That Flying Feeling‘ – about how it feels up in the air. pentatonic scale to emphasise the zenness. no lyrics as yet…. just checked and this site won’t upload videos. Hmm… anyone got any suggestions on how I get round that one, or maybe I’ll have to record just the sound… What would Amy do?

Other songs coming your way:

Jimmy & Johnnie (Amy’s marriage to fellow pioneering aviator Jim Mollinson)

Fifty Times a Day (petrol had to be pumped, by hand from the petrol tank to the engine, and this had to be done, on average fifty times a day. Amy hated the smell of petrol, and it tended to spray everywhere)

Head in the Clouds (young Amy and her dreams for the future)

No Man’s Land (the skies were open to anybody. All you needed was a plane)

Off To Austral-i-a (the simple idea to prove a point)

My Cheatin’, Drinkin’ Man (blues inspired song for Jim Mollinson, Amy’s ex-husband)

Lament for Amelia Earhart (Despite the media suggesting rivalry, AMelia and Amy were good friends, sharing the same daredevil pioneering spirit and both believed in the future of aviation . After Amelia’s disappearance mid flight, Amy tamed her pioneering ambitions)




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