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song scratchings for Jimmy & Johnnie
jimmy & johnnie page 2

This song is about Amy’s short-lived marriage to Jim Mollinson. Together they were the darlings of the air, and their combined celebrity status afforded them a life filled with all the fabulous people of the day. Brace yourself – this little vid is what happens when i first come up with an idea. If I can’t write it down, I get it down on my phone. And this way, if I get my phone stolen, or my computer pinched (again), this time all my workings and meanderings are locked into pixelworld.

We're going to smile for the cameras
You're handsome and I'm pretty, 
Smile for the cameras
You're charming, I'm witty
A match made in heaven, 
The Daredevil Duo
Up in the clouds 
in a plane built for two, oh
Can you see the crowds smile and wave when we're in town
We are popular people to be around

Oh oh oh, there's nothing can stop us
Oh oh oh, on our way to the top
We're Jimmy and Johnnie, and we don't care
We're King and Queen of the Air

You fly, I fly
Reporters want our stories
We both fly together
And double the glories
We are fabulous and fearless
and we're nobody's fools
We're taking the risks
And changing the rules
We're moving in circles where there's glamour and style
With wall-to-wall fun and excitement by the mile...chorus

We've got a lifestyle to envy
A whirlwind of pleasure
A lifestyle to envy,
We're media treasures
We're gorgeous and crazy,
We're smoking and hot
I'm the Angel of the Sky, 
You're the Flying Scot
The invites keep on coming, the fun never ends
With the royalties and celebrities and fair-weather friends..chorus

Momma says
You're abandoning your roots
Momma says
For your fashions and your suits
Momma says
You think you're being so clever
Momma says
Nothing lasts forever
But I know she's only jealous of my life of fun and daring
Cos she's stuck at home while my Daddy's selling herring... chorus



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