Off to Austral-i-a

Not sure if this needs a chorus… although the last line is a sort of refrain. Amy had been flying for around 18 months when she decided to fly to Australia. During this time, she had also qualified to become an aeroplane mechanic – she was the first woman to become qualified. Amy wasn’t a tub-thumping lead-the-parade feminist, she saw no reason that she couldn’t do things because she was a woman.

I could be wrong here, but researching around Amy’s flight to Australia, I got the impression that one of the reasons she embarked on the journey was to show the guys at the aerodrome that she could do it, and that she would able to get a job working in aviation, (and she didn’t mind if it was in the mechanics dept, or piloting, or anything) based on her abilities, rather than not getting the work because she is a woman.

Amy spoke of how she imagined flying to australia, then turning round, flying back and sneaking back into the aerodrome at lunchtime, so that when the men came back from their lunchhour, she’d be in her overalls, checking out an engine, saying, ‘Well lads, Johnnie’s back, and she’s done it,’ they’d all have a laugh, and a bit of a back slapping session, and life would return to normal, and people would start taking her seriously. I don’t think that she realised the enormous impact of what she was attempting to do, how her life would change afterwards, or the amount of planning and preparations that was needed before Amy could jump in her plane and fly off to Austral-i-a.


I'm going to fly to Australia
To show them I'm no failure
I only need a set of wings and I'll be on my way
A solo flight as far as I can
Will prove I'm equal to a man
I'll set my sights and compass on Austral-i-a

If I can beg, steal and borrow
I'll set off there tomorrow
I'll pack my bags and wave goodbye, there's nothing more to say
I'll show them I can do it
I'll prove there's nothing to it
I've set my sights and compass on Austral-i-a

Flying halfway round the world 
is no challenge to this girl
I'm fully trained and ready for whatever comes my way
I've got permits and fuel stops planned
A ransom note, in case of bandits
Nothing will get between me and Austral-i-a

I've packed propellers, tyres and spares
And things to make repairs
A parachute, a knife, a gun and maps to show the way
My cockpit looks like a village store
There's food and clothes and so much more
But I'll need the lot to get me to Austral-i-a



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