Working methods

office essentials – pint cups of tea, e-cig, Amy books and a book of Bukowski poems for when i need mental refreshment.

This is my office. I’m like a hamster when I work, I scurry myself away in my bedroom, surround myself with everything I need and decide on the song for the day. I generally have a starting point for a song – it could be a bit of a melody,  a line of a chorus, or even a basic theme, and everything evolves from that point.

Today’s song will be Lament for Amelia Earhart – I’ve let the idea roll around in my head for a while now – I did have it all mapped out on the computer that was stolen, so I kind of know where I’m heading with the song, but it could all change during the process. Often I write directly onto the laptop, with rhymezone at the ready if I get stuck for a word, but I am more cautiously writing onto notepads, then photographing the scribblings, then transcribing it here onto the blog page. and when a melody comes that might work, I record that, and I’ll stick it on here. Usually the words arrive first, but the melody is always sneaking around somewhere, begging to be released. The recordings I’m posting of the songs at the moment are usually first time through, working out how words and melody fit together. I’m not one for manuscript writings, I used to jot ideas on those handy little staves, but I’ve totally embraced the immediacy of clicking ‘film’ on my phone, and using those embarrasing little sketches as my reference points.

All this blogging (and this is a totally new thing for me) is actually deferring the start of my songwriting today, so I shall open my books, and write  Lament for Amelia Earhart. Maybe i should find some tissues… i think this one might be a weepie.


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