I’ll fly away – a song begins

I’ve had a music motif in my head for a while – I tried to post it on my very first blog post on here, and couldn’t work out how to post…

here’s the original video – I had an idea and I put it down:


And here’s the bigger idea piece:

… apparently I’m not as up to speed as I thought I was, it needs down/up? loading onto youtube first, and it’s taking forever. So I shall write down my musings on how this song may take shape. I like the idea of a pentatonic scale improvisation to convey that flying feeling – despite all the glory and adventure, part of the calling of the early pioneer aviators must have been that feeling beyond words they experienced when flying… I want this piece to be an improvisation, but I have an idea to base it loosely around the old folk song ‘I’ll fly away’. So, here’s some widdlings, in their embryonic state, it’s ropey, I’m literally playing it as I’m thinking about it, without rehearsal, floating ideas as i play.

And while the video thingy is down/up loading (note to self: record it on the phone cos when you record it direct onto the computer, it takes forever to down/up load), here’s the progress report on Lament for Amelia Earhart:

In my original research note taking (the ones lost with my stolen laptop), I had found some gorgeous quotes from AJ and AE about flying, and a lovely epitaph from AJ about AE’s disappearance. Couldn’t find the quotes the other day; they must be in the one book I haven’t re-borrowed. But I did read around the relationship between AJ and AH – the media portrayed them as bitter rivals, but they were in fact close friends, and very much kindred spirits, both were dedicated pioneers, neither flew for the glory, but accepted that they needed the glory in order to fund further missions. When Amy and Jim Mollinson crash-landed on their flight to America, the first thing  Amelia Earhart did was to send Amy some clothes, and she invited them to stay at her house. Jim didn’t care for Amelia, thought she was too down to earth, intelligent, and impervious to his charms, but (probably for the very same reasons) Amy and Amelia bonded and became close friends.

So, no, m’lud,  I’ve not put that song to bed yet, but in my defence I’m waiting on the book to surface, because I want to use the quotes as the backbone to the song.

Aaaaand it’s down/uploaded! so here you go – the beginnings of a songwriting process – That Flying Feeling (and I reserve the right to completely change the title, and everything about it).



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