Here’s the lyrics as I scribbled them down…

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This song is an imagined conversation between Amy and her father. I’ve used direct quotes from Amy – she became tired and suffocated by all the adulation, it became a vicious circle: she had to create new records and become ever more daring to make money, but the attention became too much for her – all she wanted when she began the whirlwind was to be accepted as a pilot, as a mechanic, as a woman equal in a man’s world.

This song is the age-old archetype of a daughter/son wondering if their father/mother is proud of them. I’m not sure what Amy’s relationship with her parents was like – it certainly became strained after her wedding to Jim Mollinson (she told them about it the day before; they drove all night to get to London for the wedding, and couldn’t get into the church because of the crowds), and her father had at one time, offered to pay for Amy to live in Canada rather than follow her dream to fly. Did she worry about what her parents thought about her fame and glory? Did she ever confide in her father about how it was all getting too much for her?

This song comes towards the end of the song cycle, and has a slowing down, self-reflective feel to it. I’ve used a F-G-C-Am chord progression, which is a common coda-out chord progression in songs.

Interestingly, I started the song on father’s day, and finished it the day before my father’s birthday. Read into that what you will.

I’ve filmed the writing process (I’ll up/download the films as soon as I find where I’ve packed the lead thingy), which started when I was in the middle of moving house, and finishing when the house move fell through and I became homeless. But I know my daddy is proud of me.

These first three films are me, rather bravely capturing myself as I try and coax a song from the ether. It was a very hot day, and yes, I was wearing clothes

and this is me trying out the lyrics to see if they scan… still needs a bit of work, but I have an idea of where I’m going with the song…

Hey Daddy did I disappoint you? 
I never lived like you wanted me to
My headstrong ways often made you frown
Hey Daddy, did I let you down?
But I've got adventure in my soul
And I got it all from you
You were once an adventurer,
I got my dreams from you

Look at me now, Daddy, look at me now

The King of England has heard of me
Daddy, are you proud?
I never wanted to be ordinary
I never wanted to follow the crowd
My dreams were so much less than this
But nothing ever goes as planned
I wanted acceptance, instead I got glory
Daddy, I hope you understand - 

Look at me now, Daddy, look at me now.

They want the Legend, not the person,
Everywhere I go the crowds are waiting
Cheering Amy Johnson, Amy Johnson
Daddy, I'm slowly suffocating
Look at me Daddy, I'm not happy
Happiness needs only three things
A few good friends, a small place to live,
And wings.....

Look at me now, Daddy, look at me now 

I'd trade all my fancy dresses
For a greasy overall
And a plane that's crying, 
Crying out for an overhaul
Like me, 
Daddy, like me.



Hold My Hand, St Christopher

This song is about Amy Johnson’s famous flight from UK to Australia. Even though she didn’t manage to break the record for a solo flight, she broke a record for the quickest time to India, and by this time the media was hooked on her story. A journey, not without incident, trials or tribulations, Amy was completely overwhelmed by the media frenzy awaiting her in Australia, and the million strong crowd who were there to greet her on her return to England.

I’ve based this song loosely on a folk melody, which had been my earworm for a while. The lyrics began with me telling the story, but quickly morphed into Amy telling the story. To tell the story in any detail, the song would be several hours long, so I’ve judiciously cut out everything except for what I need to make the song work.

here’s my lyrics, as they were scrawled down:

and here’s me seeing if the lyrics fit:

Hold My Hand, St Christopher 
Croydon,just after sunrise, 
Goggles on, saying goodbyes,
Crank that beast, point her East, Hope the devil is on my side
Rush or air, propeller's whirring,
Gypsy Moth, engine purring, 
Throttle down, leaving town, Gonna be one hell of a ride

This girls from nowhere's going somewhere. 
I haven't got there yet, 
Hold my hand, St Christopher, 
I'll need all the help I can get.

Nineteen days from here to there, 
They say I'm crazy, I don't care, 
The sky is mine, I'm doing fine, I'll make it through somehow
I've looked down on mountain peaks, 
Heard palm trees rustle, dined with sheiks,
Hugged my plane when the sandstorm came - If my friends could see me now 

Baghdad - what are they saying?
Who's this girl? they're going to start paying
Attention to me, 'cos they can see something in my story
India - I'm worldwide news
Record times and new breakthroughs
This Hessle Road lass has now got class, and the world is rooting for me

Far East - more crash landings
Fix plane - I can sleep when I'm standing
They come to greet me in their finery when I land in Singapore
I'm weary, bedraggled and dusty
But hey - this is nineteen thirty
I'm here to show that anything goes, and I'm going to go some more

Last leg - can't fly any faster
Plane's wrecked, held together with plasters
We're tired and worn, but still airborne across the Timor Sea
Whoo Hoo! Darwin's getting nearer
Whoo Hoo! Landing strip is clear
I'm touching down, toast of the town, Who's that girl? It's me!