One Bright Morning

Started rehearsals for the Amy Johnson Song Cycle with the band. I’m really excited and honoured to be playing with a group of exceptionally talented musicians: Ellie Gaynard – violin and vocals, Jess Simpson – autoharp, mandolin, guitar & vocals, Lou Duffy-Howard – bass and vocals, and myself. The songs are transforming themselves into gorgeousness, the music is sounding like a proper song cycle, not just a collection of songs.

The song cycle has many different themes that ran throughout Amy’s life, the yearning to make something of her life, to go beyond the ordinary, to be a pioneer, to prove herself, enjoying the unexpected celebrity status, getting tired of the constant public scrutiny, the relationships with Jim Mollinson and Amelia Earhart, and untimely deaths. It’s an emotional rollercoaster, and the more I play the songs, the more I love them. Good old Amy. She’s helped me through a difficult summer.

I played the songs solo at the Hull Folk Festival, and it was good to finally give them an airing beyond pixel land. The band performance will take the songs into a completely different dimension. Will take some film of the next rehearsal, but in the meantime, here’s the four of us trying to work out harmonies for the Prologue – I’ll Fly Away