No Man’s Land

This blog charts the evolution of a song – I am being very brave here, and posting the beginnings of my songwriting process. This is partly because the idea for this song arrived as I was driving, so I pulled over and recorded it as I thought of it, then continued to record it over the next day or so, and seeing as I have the song as it came to me, I thought I’d post it. The other reason I’m posting it is because I’m getting slightly over-cautious – what if I lose my phone? What if my house burns down with all my notebooks and recordings? What if I can’t remember what the melody/words were? All it takes is one robbery and all my work has gone. So now I’m trusting that the internet will be the keeper of my songs.

No Man’s Land – this song is about being in the sky – where one is not bound by borders, by place, by gender – all that’s needed to be in No Man’s Land is the ability and wherewithal to fly. Once one is in No Man’s Land, the mind creates a different perspective on life. One is away from earthly shackles, and up there, hanging out with the celestials.

Chorus evolving….

thinking about how the verse goes…


more lyrics…


watch this space for the full song & lyrics…

yeay! Lyrics are done! Nearly every line in this song is taken from a quote from a pilot. not all the same pilot, different ones, who all spoke about the spiritual quality of the experience of flying.



I feel touched by the angels
I feel guided by their hands
To fly - my spirit bursting free
I'll purify my soul in No Man's Land

In No Man's Land - I'll never stand or run or walk
In No Man's Land - there's no footsteps left behind
I'll fly higher than an eagle and faster than an arrow
Free from all the shackles of mankind
No roots or foundations
No borders, laws or nations, 
No church, no congregations
in No Man's Land, I can be free
It's beautiful, wonderful, beyond all imagination
And I can control my destiny
Because I...(CHORUS)

In No Man's Land - perfect peace surrounds you
in No Man's Land - the air is pure and fine
I feel exhilaration as I claim my slice of heaven
Because I know that No Man's Land is mine
Leave behind the ordinary
Life is sweeter than a cherry
No Man's Land, my sanctuary
Life is an adventure as the earth unfurls below
Where the deserts look like oceans and the oceans look like prairies
And the glories of the world are all on show

For some reason, youtube is not only cancelling my videos, but it’s not letting me post anything. I know they’re rough and ready, but good grief, technology really annoys me sometimes. I will solve this problem.

Yeyas! I am au fait with technical wizardness at last. I’ve worked out what happened to all the videos I posted, and how to up/download them again. and to prove it, here’s No Man’s Land all the way through, (first time through):